As an inclusive school we do not seek to closely define the special educational needs for which we will make provision. Historically we have had success in providing for a wide range of different needs, when budget, resources and availability of expertise has allowed. This has included students with:

 Dyslexia
 Autistic Spectrum Conditions
 Dyspraxia
 Hearing Impairment
 Visual Impairment


At the beginning of Year 7 students are placed on the SEN register based on information from Primary Schools. In October, this is reviewed with information from Cognitive Ability Tests. Students with a score of 80 or lower will be identified and discussions with students and parents follow with a view to supporting learning. Students may then be referred to a specialist or take further tests in school to determine their needs. This may happen at a later stage in their school career.

SEN Information report September 2018


 Catch-up Funding


The name and contact details of the SEN co-ordinator. Mr David Lomasney This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 01604 740641

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