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As is the case with all students nationally over the age of 16, our sixth formers have to pay for their bus passes.Sixth Formers can apply for a sixth form bus pass by completing the appropriate application form available from the LEA website. However, this must be completed by April preceding the student entering the sixth form in the September. A place cannot be guaranteed as it depends on the overall capacity of the buses and the number of students in years 7 to 11 already needing a place on the particular bus route. The cost for a sixth form bus pass is £600 for the academic year. 

Once students have passed their driving test they may want to drive to school.  Students are able to park on site, however in order to do so they must apply for permission.  They will need to provide details of their registration as well as proof of insurance in order to be granted permission.  Applications should be given to Miss Fairlie.  Please note there are limited spaces available for Sixth Formers and students are not permitted to use spaces allocated to staff.

More information on school transport, including out of catchment transport options, is available here.