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The Student Leadership Team are responsible for representing the school and sixth form on public occasions, and serve as a voice for the student body. Each year they identify issues and campaigns to work on and promote activities and committees within the sixth form.

All Year 12 students have the opportunity to apply to be a member of the Student Leadership Team during their final year at Guilsborough Academy. The process is rigorous, requiring a letter of application, interview with senior staff, and delivering a presentation to sixth form staff and students. We are always impressed by the standard of applications and the way our students conduct themselves throughout this process.

Our Current Student Leadership Team

What does the Student Leadership Team mean to our students?

I have a high level of pride in being a student at Guilsborough Academy and I wanted the chance to represent the student body

I applied to be head student because I wanted to make a difference within the sixth form, and school as a whole, and create a positive work environment for all students. I felt that my personality was well suited to this position, and I enjoy working with others.


The skills I learnt from the application process will be helpful in future job applications and interviews.

I want to make a difference within the sixth form and school as a whole.

I found the application process largely enjoyable, as it allowed for me to communicate my ideas and prove that I was best suited to the position I was applying for, which is a very important life skill.

Priorities for our Student Leadership Team

Current Head Students Brontë and Jack share their priorities:

  • Create and improve community between the year 12s and year 13s
  • Ease the transition between year 11 and sixth form
  • Promote diversity and inclusion
  • Make a happy, comfortable, and safe school and sixth form environment

My main goal in the student leadership team is to improve the integration and transition process from Year 11 to Year 12. Through a plethora of techniques such as the creation of demo lessons and through the production of informational videos, we hope to make the year 11s feel more comfortable when applying to the sixth form, guiding them to make choices they can stick with and will stand them in good stead for the future. Fundraising is a big part of sixth form life, and we take all opportunities to raise money for charities. The increase in bake sales, non-uniform days and other fundraising events has been key to both the community around our school and in helping those in need.

Jack, Head Student

My main intention as a member of the SLT is to enhance the connection between year 12 and 13, to create a stronger and more inclusive community. I feel that a push for student voice, paired with a focus on mental health education will ensure a completely supportive environment, where each student can feel safe and happy. I believe that an inclusive community creates a more exciting learning environment, encouraging students to completely immerse themselves in their subjects and make the most informed decisions for their future.

 Brontë, Head Student