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History allows us to see the world and understand how it has been shaped


Our Curriculum 

A Level History is about developing the tapestry of history across the Early and Modern world. It brings together some of the most interesting time periods of our planet with the freedom for students to develop their core skills. Independence is a core feature of the A Level and we endeavour to culture the thirst for knowledge in our subject.



Year 1

Unit 1

Focus on the creation and consolidation of the Tudor dynasty from 1485-1603

Battle of Bosworth

Henry VII’s reign (character, government, finance, foreign policy, culture, rebellions)

Henry VIII’s reign (character, government, finance, foreign policy, culture, rebellions)

Unit 2

Focus on Germany from 1918-34

Germany after WW1

Weimar republic

Rise of the Nazis

Death of Democracy


Year 2

Unit 1

Focuses on turmoil and triumph in England under the Tudors 1547-1603

Edward VI (character, government, finance foreign policy, culture, rebellions)

Mary I (character, government, finance foreign policy, culture, rebellions)

Elizabeth I (character, government, finance foreign policy, culture, rebellions)

Unit 2

This unit exclusively looks at what Germany was like under the Nazi dictatorship

 Life in Germany for Youth/Women

Terror and violence


Impact of WW2

Exam Board and Specification

Exam board:

Exam specification:

Entry Requirements

Please see the entry requirements document here

Is This Course Right For Me?

This course is designed to develop an interest in how key events in the past have shaped the world we live in today. Critical to the success in this subject is a passion to investigate the past and form your own conclusion. The exploration of controversial aspects of our past not only allows enjoyment but also develop an academic style which can be applied to any career in the future. The skills that have been developed from year 7 will now be put to the test on 3 hugely differing topics during A Level.

Please watch our short video to see what studying History at Guilsborough Sixth Form is like.  

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History is my favourite subject - the teachers make it so interesting to study.

Where will A Level History take me past Sixth Form?


History A Level not only provides invaluable knowledge about the world but transferable skills which are highly sought after. The ability to synthesis information and construct cases for and against issues builds into many career paths. Communication of opinion, both written and oral, is something all employers seek as they want individuals who can ‘think’ and not just ‘do’. Therefore an A Level in this subjects leads to careers such as Law, Journalism, Civil Service, Police…or any other career that needs independent thinking!

Please visit out Careers Guidance page for more information 


Some examples of universities and their entry requirements to study History and other related degrees are;

Oxford University History requires AAA

Kings College London History and International Relations requires AAA

Exeter University Law requires AAA/AAB

Southampton University Philosophy and History requires ABB

Brighton University History and Literature requires BBC