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If poor weather means that the school will need to be closed before it has officially opened, then we hope to announce on our website and Facebook page by 7am. However, please be patient as we know from previous experience that there can be a delay due to the numbers of people visiting the website at the same time. Experience has also shown us that with social media the message gets out very quickly.

If poor weather means that the school would need to close during the school day, then we would again put a message on the front of our website and send a text to you letting you know the situation. It is important therefore that we have up to date details in order for us to text or email you. We would request that the buses come early to collect students. In our previous experience students are very quick to contact you, via their mobile devices, once rumours start that the school may close. If you are in any doubt, please check our website as the school phone lines may become very busy.
If students do leave site via another means of transport to the school bus, then they will need a signed form from a member of staff who has confirmed with you that they have your authorisation to leave. For health and safety reasons the signed slip will need to be handed in to the member of staff on duty at the front of the school by the student before they will be allowed to leave.

If you are collecting your child from school during poor weather please be aware that it can become very busy with cars and students, as well as being treacherous underfoot, so please drive with extra care and follow our usual parking procedures. 

If you have any suggestions for improvement to or questions about the above systems, please contact us with them at

In the event the school is closed for poor weather students will be given work to complete on Edulink to reduce the impact of their learning.

Mr S Frazer