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At Guilsborough Academy, we strive to provide an engaging and supportive curriculum based upon our four key values and skills:


Each of these contributes to our ethos of ‘Learning Without Limits’.

We aim to provide a curriculum that supports our Academy values and meets the unique needs of our students. We work according to a structure that fosters variety in the curriculum and an enriching student experience.

We design our curriculum with a clarity of purpose and direction. We strive to foster a lifelong love of learning and to prepare each student to take part in society as confident global citizens of the 21st Century.

Curriculum Intent 

A school curriculum, in the broadest sense, should aim to

  • Meet the learning needs of each individual
  • Encourage learners to manage their own learning through providing support and challenge
  • Encourage independent learning and a lifelong love of learning
  • Enable students to make informed choices
  • Provide equal opportunities for all - regardless of age, ability, gender, ethnicity or background
  • To set future learning goals by including a range of assessment practices and an evaluation of students’ achievement in order
  • Support students to achieve the highest possible standards of learning
  • Account for students’ different starting points and rates of progress
  • Encompass a student’s whole programme of study - not only individual subject areas
  • Consider relationships - respect, caring and valuing of each individual
  • Provide additional support for any individual with specific learning needs.

The curriculum should develop skills, knowledge and understanding in all learners. It should encourage the holistic development of every individual – providing coherent and equitable opportunities for all learners. We integrate logical sequencing into our curriculum, ensuring that each student enjoys regular opportunities to practice what they’ve learned, constantly building and deepening their knowledge and skills.

Our curriculum intent is driven by a strong moral purpose. We strive to make it personalised, ambitious and reflective of opportunities that exist globally, nationally and locally.

Our overriding aim is for our students to become responsible, safe and healthy citizens in the real and digital world, with an acute awareness of their role in positively shaping the future of society.