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  • History Trip - National Holocaust Museum, Nottingham

    Published 15/04/24
    On the 15th April 2024, both the Year 12 and Year 13 History classes took a trip to Nottingham to visit the National Holocaust Museum. Upon arrival we were greeted by Charlie, a teacher who specialised in the history of the Holocaust, who worked on b
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  • History Trip - The Doctors Show

    Published 08/03/24

    On Monday 4th March, some of our Year 10 students were fortunate to experience a trip to watch the play 'The Doctors Show' play and workshop delivered by School History Scene, to assist with GCSE History revision.

    School History Scene was created out of a belief that students of all levels of ability can be helped to prepare for their examinations and improve their grades with well-produced theatre shows written specifically for their course requirements.

    The Doctors Show is a light-hearted play which tells the story of Health and Medicine in Britain since the Middle Ages. Using a TV show format, they bring to life key events and developments in medieval Britain, the Renaissance, the industrial period, and modern Britain. As they do so, they ask students to identify the factors of change involved in these developments, and to assess their impact.

    The play is in four parts and each part leads into a workshop session that looks at how the events of the play relate to the GCSE course, and offers advice to students about how to improve their performance in their final exam. The workshop presenters do so by getting students to mark sample examination answers, as if they are assistant examiners in a moderation session.

    History Trip Write-up – Monday 4 March - Written by Year 10 student, Hannah:

    The Doctors Show was an interactive play, in which historical figures of Medicine were portrayed in their various vents through the centuries. The play was written by Josh Brooman, who has written the previous AQA history textbooks. This helped us with the view on topics around Medicine and the importance of different people. The show would stop at points to allow us to contribute in workshops. They then put us in the position of GCSE examiners to help us think about the detail needed for questions and how marking schemes work. This definitely helped us understand how to get higher marks for our GCSE’s. Overall, the play helped us understand how Medicine has progressed and developed over the centuries. I think the humour of the show made it easier to understand and provided a different approach to learning.

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  • Options Evening 7 March 4.30pm

    Published 29/02/24

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  • Sixth Form Debating Competition

    Published 13/02/24
    On Friday 9th February, Mr Sheehan and Miss Fairlie had the pleasure of accompanying 6 Year 12 students to the inaugural Sixth Form Debating Competition run by West Northamptonshire Council in partnership with DebateMate. In opulent surroundings,
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  • Safer Internet Day 2024

    Published 06/02/24

    Safer Internet Day is on Tuesday 6th February 2024

    Celebrated by organisations worldwide in approximately 170 countries in an effort to make the internet a safe place for children and young people. In the UK, Safer Internet Day unites millions of young people, schools, organisations and parents/carers to spark conversations on key issues around online safety.

    With celebrations and learning based around the theme ‘Inspiring change? Making a difference, managing influence and navigating change online’.

    Safer Internet Day is the UK’s biggest celebration of online safety.

    Coordinated in the UK by the UK Safer Internet Centre, the celebration sees thousands of organisations get involved to promote the safe, responsible and positive use of digital technology for children and young people.

    So, how can we observe this day?

    We thought it would be useful to provide some top tips for our students, parents and carers on what they can do to observe #SaferInternetDay, hopefully encouraging our young people to take an active role in online safety, and take a stand for its positive use.


    The internet can be a great place to have fun and inspire change. Have a look at these tips which will help you stay safe and positive online:

    Inspire change by:
    •  Encouraging positivity

    With little acts of kindness, we can all work together to help make the internet a more positive place. When you are posting or commenting, think about the impact it will have on others. Can you challenge yourself to make someone happier today? You could leave a kind comment, share a funny post or like a friend’s video.

    • Raising awareness

    The internet is an amazing place to learn new things, educate yourself and inspire others to make a difference. You can use the internet to talk about specific issues such as climate change, fast fashion or equality and to hear from people with different perspectives. Why not inspire change by creating awareness posts, signing petitions or researching charities and  other organisations.

    Make a difference by:
    •  Being an upstander

    When something isn’t right or something unkind happens, upstanders take action.  You can be an upstander by standing up for others, offering them support or reporting hateful content. The more we stand up for what is right, the bigger the difference we can make.

    • Sharing your knowledge

    Your ideas and your voice matters. Use your experiences and online research to help those around you. Even something simple like recommending apps and websites you like to use or the people you follow online can help inspire others. The online world can be challenging, so share your tips and advice, like how to report or look after your digital wellbeing with those around you.

    Manage influence by:
    • Taking a balanced approach

    The internet can be a great place to find content or influencers that inspire you. There is a wide range of voices and information online, but it is important to take a balanced approach when interacting with content so you can form your own opinions and understand the facts. Make sure to do your own research and use multiple sources.

    • Making positive choices

    There is a huge amount of inspiring and engaging content online, but sometimes the things we see and hear on the internet can affect our feelings and behaviour. Make sensible and informed choices about who you want to follow and interact with online by reflecting on how they make you feel. Remember it’s okay to unfollow, mute or block accounts and keywords if they’re making you feel upset or uncomfortable.

    Navigate change by:
    • Talking about it

    The online world is always changing, with game updates, new content and services, breaking news stories, exciting new developments, trends and technology.. Change is an important part of life and can be exciting but can sometimes feel overwhelming too.  However, if you’re finding change overwhelming or feeling pressure to stay up to date, then it’s always best to talk about it. Talk with friends, family or an adult you trust about what’s going on and how it makes you feel – even if they can’t fix it for you straightaway, they can offer support and may even be going through the same thing. Talking to friends, family or trusted adults can help you to manage these emotions.


    These top tips have been written for parents and carers to help you support your child to stay safe and happy online.

    Inspire change by:
    • Modelling how to be safe online

    Just like in their offline lives, children need role models online too. Set clear and fair expectations about how the whole family should use the internet and technology, and demonstrate these yourself. A Family Agreement is a great way to start conversations and put your ideas down on paper, to refer back to later and adapt as your child and your family’s internet use changes.

    Make a difference by:
    • Having regular discussions about the online world

    Having regular and open conversations with your child about their use of technology and the internet is the best way to stay up to date, not only with changes in the online world, but also with what they are doing and seeing online. Starting these conversations can sometimes feel daunting, but they can help you feel more informed and show your child that you are taking an interest in their online life. Not sure where to begin? Use the tips and conversations starters in our “Let’s Talk About Life Online” resource.

    Manage influence by:
    • Researching the content and games your child enjoys the most

    Giving young people the opportunity to talk about their life online, and enjoying online content together, can be a great way to gain an insight into the content they are viewing. Our ‘Parents and Carers Resource Sheet’ is a great tool that you can use to research any websites, apps and games and find out more about specific content.

    Navigate change by:
    • Knowing where to go for further support

    If your child needs help, it’s important you know where to go for further support. Using the report and block buttons,   websites such as ‘Report Harmful Content’, and other safety tools is a great starting point. It can also be useful to discuss any concerns or worries with your child’s school as they may be able to offer further advice and guidance. It can also help to talk to other parents and carers who may have experienced something similar.

    Additional resources and useful information

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  • Working in Partnership

    Published 18/01/24
    Guilsborough Academy working in partnership with Northamptonshire Police and K9 Deployment
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  • The RAP (Raising Awareness and Prevention) Project

    Published 09/01/24

    The RAP (Raising Awareness and Prevention) Project deliver 45-50 minute year group assemblies to Guilsborough Academy students. Awareness is Power.

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  • Christmas Tree Festival

    Published 15/12/23

    This weekend sees the return of the Guilsborough Christmas Tree Festival at St Etheldreda Church.

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  • Bag2School Fundraising

    Published 08/12/23

    We are pleased to announce that Guilsborough Academy PTA have organised a collection with Bag2School to raise funds for the Academy.

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  • Christmas Concert

    Festive Fiesta - Christmas Concert

    Published 13/11/23

    Please enter an introduction for your news story here.

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  • Christmas Food Hampers

    Published 06/11/23

    Following the success of 2022, Guilsborough Academy is supporting Daventry Food Bank again this year by donating Christmas Food Hampers.

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  • Halloween and Bonfire Night

    Published 23/10/23

    Northamptonshire Fire and Resue Service (NFSR) and Northamptonshire Police - Safety Matters: Halloween and Bonfire Night edition.

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