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Homework is a vital part of every child's learning process, helping them to develop both their academic and their personal skills. Homework builds upon the understanding of classroom learning and encourages students to develop the skills they need in independent study, such as perseverance and self-discipline.

Where we set homework

We set homework on Go4Schools, through which you and your children can view the work that we've set. You'll find a parent/carer guide below. 



How parents/carers can support their child with homework


We encourage you to support your child with homework by

  • Checking that they complete the work and to support them in this - especially when they first start secondary school. They will need help in developing ways to ensure they meet homework deadlines.
  • Providing a space for them to complete their homework.
  • Encouraging them to use the academy's facilities such as the LRC (Learning Resource Centre)
  • Discussing with your children and promoting the values of homework - explaining how it can help with academic progress as well as developing other important life skills.

What students should be doing when completing their homework 

We encourage students to take responsibility for completing their homework. They should

  • Complete their homework with pride and to the best of their ability.
  • Record their homework in their planners or other paper/electronic format.
  • Meet homework deadlines.
  • In case of absence, catch up on any homework they've missed.
  • If they're having any difficulties with their homework, discuss these with their teacher so that they can resolve them before the deadline.