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GCSE and Level 2 BTEC Results

Guilsborough students celebrate improved GCSE results despite a national decline.

Guilsborough Academy are delighted to confirm that similar to last week’s A Level Results, at a time when the national picture of results is returning to pre-pandemic grading arrangements, students are in fact celebrating amazing results today.

The government had already warned that GCSE results would fall significantly as part of its plan to bring grades down abruptly to pre-pandemic levels after three years of generous grading, with senior examiners setting grade boundaries to make sure that overall national results are similar to those of 2019. Broadly speaking, this meant that a student would be just as likely to achieve a particular grade this year as they would have been prior to the pandemic!

Mr Simon Frazer, Principal, stated,

We are so proud of the achievements of our Year 11 students. They worked hard during challenging times and have overcome barriers no other year group has faced. At a time when the national results are being lowered to bring them into line with 2019, attainment for our Year 11 has increased. 

This speaks volumes and reflects positively on the hard work of the students and staff.

As we move into the next academic year, these results mean we will be welcoming increasing numbers into our highly successful Sixth Form.

Guilsborough’s 2023 results have shown an increase in the percentage of students achieving grades 7-9 in their chosen subjects, with the number of students achieving a grade 5 or above in core subjects such as English and Mathematics, increasing by 10%. The upwards trajectory in attainment across Guilsborough students is promising, when nationally we’ve been pre-warned of a much different picture.

Mr Liam Niland, Assistant Principal and Link to Year 11, said,

Following what has been an extremely disruptive period for learning, we are delighted at the results of our students. This cohort have demonstrated remarkable maturity and resilience and the results are testament to their hard work and determination. The students’ achievements leave them well-placed for further success and we can’t wait to see what they achieve as they look towards their A Level studies in the Sixth Form and beyond. Congratulations to them all!

Guilsborough Academy are accepting applications to their Sixth Form until Wednesday 8th September.

Students can submit an application form via and a member of the Sixth Form Team will be in touch