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  • Are you a graduate and interested in a career in secondary teaching?

    Published 20/01/22

    If so, The Grand Union Training Partnership would like to invite you to come to our VIRTUAL OPEN EVENING on Tuesday 8th February 2022 at 6 – 7 pm

    Check our website for further details
    To register email Kate Martin with your subject of interest and mobile phone number:

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  • Season's Greetings

    Published 14/12/21

    The Key Stage 3 students have been hard at work designing Festive Artwork with Ella Freestone in Year 9 Designing our wonderful Christmas Card

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  • January Return

    Published 13/12/21

    We will be arranging a staggered return to face-to-face learning during the first week back after Christmas with all students back in school from Thursday 6 January.

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  • Daventry Food Bank

    Published 10/12/21

    Thank you to all of our parents, students and staff who helped us to support Daventry Food Bank this Christmas. We received a huge amount of food donations, which is a testament to the generosity of the Academy’s community.


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  • Reach for the Sky

    Published 10/12/21

    Guilsborough Academy students can properly reach for the sky after a scholar from a few years ago joined the Red Arrows.

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  • Parent/Carer Feedback

    Published 03/12/21

    Thank you for your feedback via our parental questionnaires, Parents' Forum and other methods of communication. Your feedback gives us vital information for improvements which we can act upon as soon as we can.

    Please read below on how we have used your comments to further improve parents’ evenings.


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  • Year 11 Trip to Hunstanton

    Published 01/12/21

    Our year 11’s were in Sunny Hunstanton to evaluate the state of tourism for human environments and to assess the coastal defences for the physical environment.

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  • Special Recognition Award

    Published 24/11/21

    Congratulations go to Guilsborough Multi Academy Trust Director, Kevin Rogers, who was awarded a Special Recognition Award at the Northamptonshire Business Awards 2021 

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  • Remembrance Day

    Published 12/11/21

    Year 8 and 9 have been busy making beautiful work for Remembrance Day. We discussed the idea of ‘Peace is in our hands’ because they are the future, and their generation will be making decisions/making changes trying to minimise conflict. Students traced hands or worked onto photos using a range of collage and pen techniques to create the poppy designs.

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    Published 09/11/21

    Odd Socks Day is part of Anti-Bullying Week! To celebrate that we are all unique, we ask that you wear odd socks to
    work on Monday 16th November. Andy Day (Cbeebies/cbbc) and his band Andy and the Odd Socks are supporting the Anti-Bullying Alliance to help bring Odd Socks Day to life
    again this year. Have a listen to the brilliant song they have recorded especially for Anti-Bullying Week, One Kind Word.
    The day sends an important message that we should all be allowed to be ourselves free from bullying and helps us celebrate Anti-Bullying Week in a fun and positive way.

    Screenshot 2021 11 08 095106

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    Published 04/10/21

    More than 100 youngsters got their first taste of life at Guilsborough Academy with a week-long summer school ahead of the start of the new term this September.

    Pupils from feeder schools who are starting at Guilsborough next month were invited in to take part in a series of fun sessions. The purpose of the summer school was to provide the opportunity to forge new friendships, learn to navigate the layout of their new school environment to provide reassurance and develop their confidence, prior to starting.

    They enjoyed sessions including Outdoor Yoga with Nicky Hayes Yoga as well as a Mindfulness program with trained Coaches from ‘Simply Being You’. Whilst ‘The Cobbler’s’ provided a range of activities including, ‘Fun Science’ led by Atomic Tom, Problem-solving ‘Code Breakers’ activities, Archery, Drama & Music Workshops, Circus Skills and a visit to the National Trampoline Centre to take part in a coaching session. The grand finale to the week was a presentation afternoon where students were presented with certificates & medals by guest Ross Tait – British Trampoline Champion from (17-21 yrs) and member of the England Squad. During the afternoon they also watched a video montage of the activities they had enjoyed and performed a whole group ‘School of Rock Flash mob’ on the field, with a dance they have learned from their ‘School of Rock’ dance workshop with Rutland Youth Dance Academy.

    Principal of Guilsborough Academy, Simon Frazer, said: “Every year we try to get our new intake to come in to experience taster days but that hasn’t been possible this year due to COVID. Rather than simply miss out on that opportunity, we decided to give them an even better experience and enjoy a whole week of activities to get a flavor of what life is like as part of the Guilsborough Academy family.”

    All those who took part were presented with a certificate by 21-year-old trampolinist Ross Tait, a member of the England squad and current British champion, who said: “…”

    The summer school was funded by the Government’s ‘Summer School’ grants and saw Year 13 ambassadors help run the sessions and show prospective pupils around the school.

    Louise Cook, who organised the sessions ahead of taking over as Headteacher of Naseby Primary School next month, said: “It has been a wonderful two weeks and both students and staff have had a fantastic time, enjoying all activities. It has been great to see new friendships starting, students’ confidence developing and lots of funny as well as proud moments! It has been such a success thanks to the support of an incredible staff team made up teachers, support staff & 6th Form Ambassadors.

    The students were able to experience an exciting transition week in a way that ensured it was fun for everyone.

    After a challenging and disrupted first year at Guilsborough, Year 7 students also enjoyed the opportunity to take part in a week of summer school.

    “After what has been a tough year for everyone it’s lovely to see the children with smiles on their faces looking forward to an exciting new chapter in their lives.”

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