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Year 6 Transition takes place on Monday 3 and Tuesday 4 July.

Students living within the catchment area should catch the school bus on the day.  Please ask them to arrange to meet an older child they know in your village or walk up with a friend to the bus stop.  On arrival, students should make their way to the Academy Hall.  Students and members of staff will be on hand to help them. 

Students are requested to wear casual clothes and to bring a pen/pencil.  They are required to bring trainers as they will participate in a Tutor Group PE session.  Please bring suncream/sunhat and water.  Students will be able to buy food from our Healthy Eating canteen (approximately £2.50 will buy a meal) or alternatively they can bring a packed lunch.

If you or your parents/carers have any further questions about anything related to school then please email