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Year 9 Options Guidance Evening

Year 9 Options Guidance Evening Thursday 3rd March 2022 4.30pm –6.30pm

We are approaching an exciting time for our Year 9 students when they are given the opportunity to choose the GCSE subjects they wish to study in Year 10 and 11. Students have been preparing for the content and skills required at GCSE in their different subjects during Year 9 and they now need to select their option choices for the next two years.

We will be holding an Option Guidance Evening for Year 9 parents/carers and students on Thursday 3rd March 2022. Prior to this, to make the evening more beneficial for students, we will share information about the options process to students in an assembly so they are already able to think about potential options before this evening and come prepared with any questions they may have.

Our Option Guidance Evening will run between 4.30pm to 6.30pm at school. There will be a formal presentation in the school hall and the opportunity for students and parents/carers to discuss the different options available with subject teachers. Teachers will be able to discuss in more detail the content of the different courses and will be able to answer any questions you may have about a specific course. You will receive an information booklet on the evening which details information for each subject and we encourage students and parents/carers to visit our new school website to find out information about each subject in more detail.

As students are making these significant decisions about their next two years of study it is important to consider these within a wider picture of future studies and/or careers. We offer a wide variety of option choices to meet the needs of our students. To help students and parents/carers to identify choices which will both be enjoyable and valuable for students as they progress through education and/or careers we have developed three pathways; English Baccalaureate, General and Flexible Pathways. On the options evening you will receive alongside your booklet an information sheet with your child’s recommended pathway. There will be the opportunity to discuss your child’s pathway and to further help students with their options decisions we will have available on the evening our independent careers advisor, our sixth form team and our SEND department.

To reduce the number of people in each presentation and looking around the different subject areas, we are offering three presentations throughout the evening at 4.30pm, 5.10pm and 5.50pm. To book your place for one of the presentations please follow the link here. This link will be live from 7.00pm on Friday 11 February. Please have your ticket available to show on the evening. Each ticket will be for one adult and one child. You will need to register and collect your booklet in the picnic area. Depending on the time of your presentation you may choose to look around the subject areas before or after the presentation. There are enough tickets available for every student’s parent/carer to attend a presentation.

However, as the times are on a first-come-first served basis, if you are unable to attend a presentation you are still able to visit the school on options evening to look around the subject areas. The tickets are only to watch the presentation.

Students will need to make their option choices by completing an online form. This form will be available from Friday 4th March 2022. If students have difficulty with accessing the form please contact their tutor in the first instance who will be able to assist them with its completion.

As the time for decision making draws nearer, I should like to suggest that careful thought is given to the choices, including reserve choices. Last year very few students were disappointed and we will try to achieve the same level of satisfaction again this year, but we cannot guarantee every student their first and second choice.

It will be very helpful if your child can complete the online choices form by the requested date of Friday 8th April 2022, as a late return may reduce the chance of your child following the courses they have chosen.

Year 9 Options Programme for 2022

w/c 21st February 2022

Year 9 assembly to introduce the options process

Thursday 3rd March 2022

Our Options Guidance Evening takes place between 4.30pm and 6.30pm. You will have the opportunity to book to attend one of the presentations at 4.30pm, 5.10pm or 5.50pm and to speak to subject teachers in more detail about their subject options.

Friday 4th March 2022

Online choice form will be available for completion online.

It is important your child completes it in priority order with the subject they want to study most as their first choice.  They must also complete reserve choices for each option choice.

Friday 8th April 2022

The online options form will need be completed by midnight.  The information is then collated in a spreadsheet and the option blocks will be created from these preferences.  Any late admissions or changes will need to be put in writing or emailed directly to Miss Furnell.