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Health and Social Care is all about everyday life. How can we promote being healthy and how should we care for people when they become ill? Within Health and Social Care, we encourage students to look at their own growth and development as well as being aware of others around them.

Our Curriculum 

The Health and Social Care curriculum starts by learning about our physical, intellectual, emotional, and social development. The content we learn is always applied to other people, contexts, and cultures to develop the skills of seeing things from another’s perspective, analysis, evaluation, and critical thinking. We go on to learn about policy and procedures within Health and Social Care and consider questions regarding not only how we can look after others and promote their wellbeing but how we should do this. This allows high level discussion of ethics, morals and codes of conduct.

Our Health and Social Care curriculum journey shows how we develop the skills of our students and the topics the students cover in each year. Click on our learning journey below to view it in more detail.

“Each time a person stands up for an ideal, or acts to improve the lot of others, or strikes out against injustice, they send forth a tiny ripple of hope… and crossing each other from a million different centers of energy and daring those ripples build a current that can sweep down the mightiest walls of oppression and resistance.  – Robert F. Kennedy

The Framework of our intent

The aim of the Health and Social Care curriculum is to equip students to have the skills to treat and care for one another and how this belief continues to be at the core of society.

How will we reach these aims?

We do this by quality first teaching which ensures students understand underlying Health and Social Care Theory which students apply to a variety of familiar and unfamiliar case studies.

We want Health and Social Care to enable students to explore academically and practically areas that influence how we develop throughout life stages and in turn raise expectations of how we can live successful and healthy lives now and in our future.

Health and Social Care promotes opportunities for students to draw from real life experiences, case studies and opportunities to undertake research to compliment learning and create skills that will be used throughout their lives. These skills encourage students to think outside typical teenage ego-centrism and begin to challenge the way they perceive the world we live in. Furthermore, highlighting how a human relationships, physical environments and socioeconomic status may influence how they develop.

Through investigation of health and well-being and how our lifestyle choices effect how healthy we are, students access different resources and external agency advice and guidance that encourages them to talk about areas and raise awareness of signs and symptoms of: abuse, addiction, illness and mental health.

Our diverse range of students supplements learning by allowing group discussions to be engaging, promoting time for powerful knowledge and cultural capital to be explored and teenage mindsets to be broadened.

As UK Citizens we are privileged to have access to the National Health Service and other supporting services that allow us ensure we live healthy lives. It is imperative students are aware of how the 7 Care Values are transferable skills that they will adhere to throughout their working lives and when working alongside others and within their families. Through reflective practice of their own actions and performance we intend to instil values in students that will encourage them to be well rounded individuals in society with the confidence and buoyancy to empower them to chase their career aspirations and to create, thoughtful and caring individuals who will in turn, pass these values on in the future.

Guilsborough Academy Vision

How we embed this

We aspire to be our best and to do our best for others


As a team of teachers who work hard to engage our learners. We work together and constant learn from each other.

We respect ourselves and others


Learning about Health and Social Care and other cultures. Our discussions allow students to be open and have an understanding of each other and different cultural references.

Our learning knows no limits


Like the quote above we encourage selflessness and to act and improve the lot of others.

We are global citizens ready for the 21st Century


Learning about current issues in Health and Social Care and how we can approach them in an well rounded ethical manor.

What is Health and Social Care like at Guilsborough?


I like the coursework element and how it is more manageable than pure exams

Kira, Year 12 Student


I have really enjoyed increasing my knowledge about the health care system and I now view it very differently to how I did before 

Heather, Year 12 Student


Health and social care has helped me understand human development and what things might affect it

Megan, Year 10 Student



Where will Health and Social Care take me past Year 11?


The skills learnt in Health and Social Care can be extended by studying the Level 3 certificate in health and Social Care in Guilsborough Sixth Form. This builds on the knowledge and skills from KS4 but also involves a specific unit in psychological disorders.

Health and Social care aligns with many other courses at Guilsborough Academy sixth form including:

A level Psychology

A level Sociology

A level Biology

BTEC Science

A level PE

Please click on the different courses to explore studying these subjects at Guilsborough Sixth Form.



The Health and Social Care course at Guilsborough is useful for many careers including:

  • Social work
  • Prison system
  • Mental Health
  • Counselling
  • NHS
  • Teaching
  • Carers

Useful resources to support learning in Health and Social Care

These resources are useful for students to help consolidate knowledge learnt in lessons and to aid revision ;

Edexcel Pearson 

The Edexcel Pearson subject page contains information about the course and the specification. It also contains useful past assessment material 

Explore Edexcel's subject page by clicking here

NHS, CQC and Community Care

All three websites are useful to help students understand health and social care in real life situations


Explore these websites by clicking here